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Thread: DInc2 native screenshot?

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    Works in all apps. I opened WWF and then pressed the power button and held it down and pressed the home button. Zapped a picture of the WWF screen.
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    Karina, I to have accidentally did a screenshot today. I heard the shutter which i have turned off and when i looked at my phone it said screenshot saved in gallery. or something like that. anyway, on my Dinc2 its the same as an iphone you hold down the top button or sleep button first then hit the home button. obviously if you hold the sleep too long you will be prompted to restart or shut down so dont hold it too long. just push it down, and while holding it hit the home. I have been waiting for this for soo long I am so happy I can screenshot now. Before the only way i could screenshot was only sms messages through the GoLauncher app. no rooting required. hope this helps I also found a video on youtube that shows what i just described. most people say you have to hit them at the same time or really fast. not true top first, hold down then home. good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by karinagw View Post
    So, I accidentally took a screenshot today. I was just holding my phone in my right hand, having finished doing something or another & I heard a shutter sound (which puzzled me because I have the sound turned off in the camera).

    Anyhoo, I went to the gallery and lo and behold there was a pic of my desktop in .png (everything else is .jpg).

    Meandering about the web, I've seen that at some point we've gained native screenshot ability AND I've found a bunch of people who have done this accidentally & are looking for answers and a couple of people who have said, use the home & power button together. That just doesn't work for me. Can someone be a little more specific about what to do to achieve this.

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    Interesting, I just saw this thread. When I get home I'm going to try this on my wife's Dinc2. The power button + home button is how you take screen shots on the Rezound so it makes sense that the Dinc2 would be the same since they are both HTC.
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