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Thread: Droid Eris Root? Confused.. help would be grateful =D

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    Droid Eris

    Question Droid Eris Root? Confused.. help would be grateful =D


    I'm a big noobie coming down to Droid phones... or phones in general. So, I just got my Droid Eris today, used on CL. I was thinking about rooting the phone since a lot of people mentioned about rooting the phone would open a lot of things to be done to the phone and also I wanted DroidWall.

    When I got this phone, it came with firmware 2.1 already installed by the previous owner. I read that it would brick your phone if you tried to root your phone with 2.1 already installed onto the phone.

    So, how could I continue to root the phone? Would it be now be impossible?

    Here's some random info that you might need, (idk if it's important..)
    hboot: 1.6
    firmware 2.1

    Also, I don't know if the last owner rooted it or not or did anything to the phone. When I got it, it wanted me to activated it was cleared of anything.

    Thank you!
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    As long as your eris does not have one of the leaked versions of the 2.1 update you can root! (just went from stock to evil eris 3.0 this weekend)

    I used the steps in this link How To: Root the HTC Droid Eris (and Get Android 2.1)(Updated – 06.11.2010) | The Unlockr

    Make sure you do both steps and read the directions very carefully BEFORE you start anything. After that I installed rom manager from the market and installed evil eris 2.0/2.0.1 and 3.0 just for kicks. I ended up going back to 2.0.1 just for the control over set cpu for over clocking.

    This is my first post \o/
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    Can you root an eris without an SD card?
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    Eris Droid HTC

    Rooting a Droid Eris

    Is it against the terms of service w/ Verizon to root a HTC eris? I think I have 1.5 on it.

    Thank you all.
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    Droid Eris
    Same issue here. Not sure if I should root or not! Is FROYO availible for ERIS?

    Quick question and I apologize for being a noob with little droid knowledge but:

    What exactly is the main drawing point to root your droid?

    Thanks again!


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