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Thread: How to get android 2.2 update on Htc Droid Eris?

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    How to get android 2.2 update on Htc Droid Eris?

    I have been on the internet and saw that you can put android 2.2 on the Htc Droid Eris but I don't know how to do it. How do you do it? Is there any risk of messing up the phone if I do this?

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    Check out xda forums under Eris, there are several options. And yes, you can mess up the phone if you don't understand or follow the instructions. BE CAREFUL

    Im not sure if you can get 2.2 anymore, when I had my eris, 10 months ago everyone was moving on to gingerbread 2.3.

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    I agree with the above - the Gingerbread ROMs have supplanted the Froyo ROMs. For example, there was an issue with GPS that was identified with long navigation uses (about 20 minutes or so continuous use) where the GPS tracking would go suddenly wonky. The issue was solved and patched after all of the Gingerbread ROMs had been out for a while, but none of the Froyo ROMs that I know of had them fixed.

    Anyway, you obviously need to root the phone and install a custom ROM. I think that the best Gingerbread ROM these days is either CondemnedSoul's or GSB, which are located here:

    [ROM][11/16/2011] GSB v4.2 - ICS-ish | CM7.1 [2.3.7 GingerBread] - xda-developers
    [ROM] 11/19/11 Condemned CM 7.1 V21 (2.3.7) Splashed with ICS - xda-developers

    A procedure for rooting and walking through the install of a custom ROM is here: Universal Eris Root for Dummies! - Android Forums

    Just note that this procedure recommends using a ROM called PlainJane_v2 - you can ignore that and use one of the ROMs above. One more thing: if you install GSB, you must also download and flash a separate .zip file with Google apps. That's in the first post of the GSB thread above, and adds an extra step of flashing that file after you flash the GSB zip file. This is why, if you are a first time rooter, that I'd use instead CondemnedSoul's ROM, which includes the Google apps.


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