Hello All,

(Sorry this might seem long but if you are good at rooting it's a quick read)

I could use some help. I have a rooted Eris and I have flashed a few different ROM's without a problem (New to rooting and flashing). I was recently running xtrsense and tried to flash a lockscreen called 3ring.zip. After that my network was lost. I do not have a nandroid backup (I now know why I should although I thought I did the first flash but can't find it now) and have re-flashed, wiped, factory reset numerous times with no luck. Everytime I do the phone goes through the setup but tells me that I don't have a network and to use wifi. It's not my Verizon account because I have reconnected an old phone in the meantime with no problem.I even installed a flashback zip to unroot but it doesn't work (it tells me E: No signature (1873 files) and E: Verification Failed and Installation Aborted).

I could really use someone's help.