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Thread: [ROM] GreenRomProject presents CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC0

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    Cool [ROM] GreenRomProject presents CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC0

    I built this for my wife and I thought some others in the community may want to have Android 2.3.4 as well. A group of us are learning to develop @ greenromproject.com As of now this is a modded CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC0

    First, all the code is online @ github.com/greenromproject

    Thanks to CyanogenMod for making such an amazing ROM open source

    This mod uses lots of hacks from forums such as droidforums and xda


    init.d scripts:

    90ramhack to stabilize the memory leaks in Gingerbread CREDIT: DarkyROM 2011 - JoŽl Staub (darkyy)

    95speedhacks increases mounted partition cache and lots of tweaks to speed up the ROM after boot CREDIT: franciscofranco @ xda

    98chmodbomb ensures permissions are correct every boot *this fixes many FC issues but does make reboots after app installs take a little longer CREDIT: Einherjar Dev Team Einherjar Development Team

    removed CM7 bootanimation for ANDROID shine throwback

    included tmobile's ThemeChooser I'm working on Greenie our theming app but I havn't had time to get to mdpi and ldpi sorry I'll include it in the next build

    **** AND MANY MORE look at the source code @ github.com/greenromproject

    I have two beta testers who have not had any problems yet but the usual disclaimers apply
    // I'm not responsible for broken devices

    I made the testers I gave this to wipe, Seems the only responsible thing to do is wipe if you are coming from anything before android 2.3.3

    I included the gapps first boot application and gmail and google search, because I use them a lot.

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    Thanks for supporting our little eris. Glad to know we're not forgotten.

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  4. jax
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    Thanx GRP this is the best rom I have found for the dinc, snappy with great battery life been using for 4 months now. My dinc is : )

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    Ok, I don't mean to sound confused or anything, but I just want to make sure, this ROM is for the Eris, yes??? I only ask since the prev 2 remarks are about the DInc & not the Eris...

    How well does the Eris actually perform on this ROM?? I'm not expecting miracles by any means, but it would let me use an Eris for a bit rather than an older phone while we wait to upgrade the phone...

    Thanks for any/all help!!
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    Eris :( Thunderbolt :)
    Edit: what I wrote before applied to a different ROM\

    I just installed your ROM today and couldnt get passed the install wizard in the beginning where you are supposed to touch the android. I tap him, he lights up, but then nothing happens. I can access a few of the menus it has available, but can't get any further than that.
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