this post is just an fyi for everyone. for the last few weeks my battery has been draining really fast and driving me nuts. i couldn't make it thru the day without having to recharge at least once and maybe twice. i had decided that the battery was on its last leg and i was going to need to replace it. afterall, the phone went out of warranty last month. in my state of frustration, i went into settings, applications, running services and just sat there watching the screen, when low and behold, google maps just popped up with latitude in tow. what the heck, i havent used google maps in probably 5 months and have never used latitude! so i did a quick force close. a few hours later my battery was still draining really fast. so i went back into running services and watched for a few minutes and what do you know, google maps popped up again. by now im really irritated. i went into manage apps and uninstalled all updates to google maps. then i went to the market and sure enough, google maps was set to auto update. i deselected that right quick then did a quick scan of all my other downloads just to make sure that nothing else was set to auto update. it's now been 4 days since all this transpired and now i easily make it from 6am til 9pm before the battery gets low. that was the source of my grief and consternation after all. and the moral to the story is = don't allow anything to update automatically! keep control for yourself and that way when something acts up, you know what you did and it's much easier to solve your problem.