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Thread: Stock Email And Browser

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    Stock Email And Browser

    my phone should be coming in tomorrow

    ive had the motorola droid series of phones since the star 1,2,and currenly 3 with this phone i got lazy with new apps and really trying out much

    but with my dna i intend to really get back into it and use it for all its worth

    so my first 2 questions about apps would be how is the stock email and stock browser

    currently i use k-9 email and dolphin hd browser

    should i stick with stock on dna for both of these if not what do you recommend as an email and browser client if not k-9,dolphin or stock
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    I still use K9, I have never been a fan of stock email. I have not tried Dolphin on the DNA, but will. So far still just using stock on browser.
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    I haven't even tried the native email app since 2009. It was junk then and from what I read on this and many other forums, it is still junk. I use the Gmail app for all: Using Gmail as your own personal push mail server

    The stock browser is good but I use either Dolphin HD, Dolphin Mini or Firefox.

    Good luck
    Baton Rouge, LA


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