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Thread: These are my PSP mods!

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    These are my PSP mods!

    PSP 1000 Hardware Mods

    UPDATE 12-23-2011: I have been working for the past week, on my dual memory card mod. Strange issues. I have one genuine card, and one MicroSD to Pro Duo adapter. The genuine card gets recognized in both slots, so I know the slots are working, but the one with the adapter never works, or shows up as 0kb for the size. I also cannot format the adapter card within the PSP. I formatted it my computer, and it shows up and works there, but not on the PSP, in either slot. I'm a little stumped as to why. Im using pin 9 (VCC, power) to switch between the cards). If this doesn't work with two genuine cards, I'm going to try using 1, 6 and 10 (ground), and see what results that brings. I cant use my PSP in the mean time though. lol One thing I hate, is that the pins for the memory stick slots are so fragile, you cant leave them hanging in mid air, they either pull out, or shift side to side, and short to the frame (ground). It really makes this mod a pain in the ass. But I want to see if I can get this working.....AT ALL! I know I'm close, but I just need more time. And time for me right now is VERY short.

    CURRENT MODS (as of Dec 4, 2011)

    * Blue LED triggers (sound reactive, direct contact)
    * Blue WIFI LED swap
    * Blue MS LED swap
    * Blue power LED swap
    * Green charging LED swap
    * UMD drive removed
    * USB charge mod

    NEXT UP (currently in progress)

    * Blue LED's in bottom speaker holes
    * Convert metal UMD drive rack, into PCB rack (makes use of the 4 stock, rubber mounts)
    * LM386 sound reactive mod (changed up a little, and added to the PCB in UMD door)
    * Dual Pro Duo card slots, with switch to select between them on the fly


    * UMD door cut and put in a clear window
    * Add blue LED lighting effects to certain parts of the PCB components
    * Add a couple motors with moving parts that are LED lit (in concept stage at the moment)
    * Clear buttons all the way around, including the joystick, and all will be lit blue
    * Remake my home row LED mod
    * Dual analog nub (still debating this one for several reasons)
    * LED's in threaded holes on the top of the unit
    * Internal "permanent" second memory slot (switchable with a side mounted switch) for a Pandora memory stick
    * Blue LED's in the front "speaker holes"
    * Up to 4 additional speakers (OEM), located in the UMD door, LED lit in blue, driven by a separate LM386 setup
    * Blue LED lit USB port (internal area of the USB port would get blue light. Don't know why, probably just because I can)
    * Blue LED lit "PSP" logo in the UMD door (either constantly lit, or sound reactive, have decided yet)

    Worlds First Home Row Button LED Mod

    I did this one a long time ago, and to my surprise, was the FIRST person to successfully make all the home row LED's light up, AND still be fully functional. This took a couple months of solid work, and nagging from my girlfriend, as to why I wouldnt come to bed. lol There have been a few modification to my method, done by others, and some of them look really good, but this is the one that started it all. If I had the skills I have now, back then, I would have done a MUCH better job, but hey, its awesome anyway!

    VIDEO LINK: Finished Home Row video by thearkman2009 - Photobucket

    USB Charge Mod

    This is the USB charge mod, and how I routed the wire for it.

    Direct Contact Sound Reactive LED Mod

    This is a shot of the left trigger LED, and how it was mounted through the small wall under the trigger.

    This is a shot of how the other end of the wires from the left LED pictured above, attach to the left speaker.

    This one is a shot of the right trigger LED, and a much clearer shot of how it was mounted. Wire on the left is the USB charge wire.

    This shot shows how I routed the wires for the right trigger LED, so as to avoid having to go into the battery compartment, and keep the clean look.

    PSP Internal Cooling Mod

    This is a much older mod that I did, just to mess around. sorry for the horrible camera quality, I owned my first (and last) Android knockoff phone, with a 1.3MP camera. lol I just took a fan from a dead Sony Viao laptop, and stuck it in the PSP. Its not like the PSP ever had overheating issues to begin with, but this one sure didnt! LOL

    VIDEO LINK: Phat Internal Cooling Final video by thearkman2009 - Photobucket

    VIDEO LINK: PSP Cooling Vid video by thearkman2009 - Photobucket
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    Wow, you can really get creative with a psp. It's just a psp, try a different console. Psp's are boring, and i've modded my psp too in the past. I downloaded something called, "custom firmware v2 for psp 1000" ,and it gave me free games.(Full version games;you would normally have to pay for)
    There's a catch. The game saves on your memory card, taking up lots of space. Anyways, i use to kinda fool around with my psp, until it got old.
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails These are my PSP mods!-uploadfromtaptalk1327468484883.jpg  


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