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Thread: sudden issues with charging and sd card

  1. Droid Newbie
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    Dec 2012
    Samsung s3

    sudden issues with charging and sd card

    Hi guys,

    Background - been using a 16 gb north American version since august this yr.
    I teamed it with a sandisk 16gb sd card. Never had any issues at all.
    I upgraded to jellybean about a month back.
    2-3 weeks no issues.

    Since the past week-10 days I have been facing the below issues:

    1. Whenever I plug in my charger usb I get a notification of "usb connected" followed immediately by "usb disconnected".
    Charging starts after 5-10 secs.. used to start immediately before. Even while the fone is charging... the usb notifications keeps toggling.
    The usb notifications also keep popping up even when the switch is off but the cable is plugged into the fone.

    2. Upon disconnecting the charger. ..at times... I get a notification error - "cannot access device. High power source..."
    The two points where I have always charged my fone is > at home thru the charger and > at work by pluggin the usb iinto my laptop.
    Never had this issue earlier

    3. After a week of the first problem- I started to get the sd card error.
    Sd card is blank or has unsupported files.
    This error keeps popping up randomly. Wen the error is not there - I can access my card normally.

    I havent dropped my fone or anything like that. I have avast and it does not detect any viruses.
    Fone is NOT ROOTED.

    Since Im using the American version in india, the service centers here will not accept my phone.

    Anybody out there having similar problems?
    Any solutions or suggestions are welcomed!

    Thanks guys.
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  2. Junior Droid
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    Droid Razr Maxx
    Yes. Not troubleshot to the SD card as problem.

    Maxx (ICS, not rooted)shuts down when in standby, need to plug in to restart. Initially batt shows below 5 per cent then after a new shutdown restart while plugged in, battery indicates the real charge-always quite high.

    Plenty of insightful help from this forum, but this same problem has persisted for 2 months. No idea has given a permanent fix. I don't think it's the SD card.

    I welcome ideas but please bear in mind I have tried many and am resigned to this being an OEM internal software glitch.
  3. Droid Newbie
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    Aug 2012
    Just got the SD card error.

    Updated phone yesterday.
  4. Master Droid
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    Samsung Galaxy S3
    I've actually had to replace my sd card because of this error. After I got the error I tried the sd card in my tablet, my computer, and another s3. All for the same error. I think the update is frying everyone's sd cards. If this new sd card gotta out, I'm going to Verizon.
    Hell on Heels
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    You using the charger that came with the phone?


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