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Thread: S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

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    S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

    I'm due for an upgrade and I'm naturally trying to decide between 2 of the top phones on Verizon. It seems like there isn't a sure fire winner either way. Does anyone have any comments or help on which phone would be better? I like the rom ability of the gs3 a lot.
    The main things I'm looking for are:
    Battery ....I know the maxx wins here but how much difference is there in daily use?
    Build quality... I've heard stories of glass braking on the gs3
    I live in a good signal area if that matters. I use to have the OG droid and loved installing roms. Is that reason worth it alone to go to the gs3? I also use a MacBook and have heard of issues with the gs3 not syncing right with theses computers?

    Any help would be great appreciated
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    There's a great, rather lengthy thread on this topic over on the Maxx HD board. I'm in your same position and considering the same two phones.

    As for the glass breaking, I'm not concerned. The top selling phone is probably going to have the most cases of broken glass. And if there was an issue that Samsung wouldn't confess too, they probably fixed it early on and the phones being delivered now should be fine.

    Of course with the size of the displays these days it's always a concern, even on the Maxx HD.

    Razr Maxx HD vs. Galaxy s3
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    Since it's against the forum rules to post the same thread in multiple places (in this case here and in the MAXX HD forum), I'm going to close this one up. Please continue the conversation in the already existing thread about the topic that Brian72 linked to - Razr Maxx HD vs. Galaxy s3

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