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Thread: Hi everyone - Great Forum!

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    Hi everyone - Great Forum!

    Hi, just got the Galaxy SIII with Verizon. I have a few questions.

    Is there a printable user's manual for this phone? I was not able to find a printable one at the link in the instructions that came with the phone.

    How do I turn on notification that I have a voicemail? I can pull down the top bar and see it, but would prefer an icon on the home screen that shows it.

    Does anyone know of a car dock for the Galaxy SIII that charges the phone? None available at the Verizon store or Best Buy to my knowledge.

    I assume wifi does not use up my data plan as fast - is that correct? Can the phone be set to use wifi whenever available? Any downside to this?

    Would like to use the phone to track expenses (I know there is an app for this - maybe built in? that you can take a picture and it will store the receipt. Anyone familiar with this? Does it backup or store the data online? Would prefer to backup my data locally.

    Would also like to enter customer data and use Quickbooks or some other business accounting app, but don't want to back up the data to Google. Is anyone familiar with a good accounting app that allows backup to my computer or usb drive and does not store the data online somewhere? Any recommendations for relationship management apps like ACT! for the smartphone that do not store the data online would also be appreciated.

    Also looking for a calendar and task list app that does not store online.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Re: Hi everyone - Great Forum!

    Welcome to the forum
    I moved your thread to a more specific area for your queries.

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    Hm, well as far as I know, ANY app that stores ANYTHING to a cloud will have a setting to not do so. In fact I'm pretty sure there's some sort of privacy law about this, originally made for computers but I'm sure it'd carry over in court (not that it'd come to that, just getting the point across). Something about it being illegal to back up users information without them knowing and consenting.

    There is a printable version of the manual, not sure where to find it though.

    Not sure about a homescreen notification icon for voicemails, sure one exists though.

    Wifi is better for data/battery and there are many Auto WiFi apps out there.

    Both of those finance apps do exist, but I also can't think of any names.

    I'm sure there's a car dock, I'd be shocked if there wasn't.

    I know all of this is pretty broad, but I hope it gives you an idea. Search around the market a bit, read some descriptions/reviews, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Question #1 The phone manual: The phones manual is ON the phone, however if you would like to view it on a larger screen or print it, here is a link the phone manual in a pdf


    Question #2 The phone should actually have a stock voicemail notification icon on one of your homescreens. If not it is a red icon that says voicemail. Open up the app drawer and add that to a home screen of your choice. Also I haven't played much with the widgets yet, but if you hold your finger down on a homescreen and select to browse widgets there may be a voicemail widget to put on the homescreen or an app in the Google play store with a voicemail notification widget.

    Question #3 I have not seen an official car dock out yet for the Galaxy s3 but there seem to be some third party ones on amazon.com
    Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy S3 In-Car Vehicle Dock Kit

    Question #4 You are correct that connect the phone to wifi will not affect your data usage.

    Question #5 and #6 and #7 Honestly your best bet is just to browse the play store and download different offerings and see which one best fits what you want it to do. A simple search of key terms will bring up a multitude of apps and their descriptions for you to try. As far as a calender, I believe that is a built in function on the Samsung device which can also track tasks and does not store any data online.


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