I am a new owner of the Galaxy S3 thru Verizon (Upstate NY). I am also on my 3rd replacement in one week as I get "no service" from my home and in my neighborhood most of the time and also get "failed" on most of my text messages as I send them. The "No sim" message comes up most of the time when a call that I make has failed to go through. I apologize if this issue has been addressed (I have poked around a bit and cannot find a thread) and would appreciate if someone could direct me to threads that I may have missed...or if someone could offer me some help???

FYI: I have done the software update and was hoping this would resolve..but unfortunately it has not. I don't get any of these issues when I am at work or anywhere else but my neighborhood. Nobody in my household has ever had a service issue with any of their Verizon phones in our home before. I would appreciate any help!! Thanks!