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Thread: Calendar will not search...Email locks up

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    Calendar will not search...Email locks up

    Calendar will not search
    I am on my second S3 and I think this one is a dud also.

    My email freezes up and locks the screen about 90% of the time.

    My Calendar will not search and Verizon tells me the S3 lost a lawsuit and none of them will do a search.

    Well, I went to the Verizon store and the phone they had on display does a search, there is somebody in the office that has one and his phone does a search…does yours?

    Please open up the calendar, hit the menu button and search, put in anything you have in your calendar (like dentist or a birthday) and see if something comes up. Mine displays nothing and Verizon tier 2 support says that is normal for this phone.

    Now they want to send me a reconditioned one instead of a new one and I find that unacceptable.
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    On your phone, go to Settings -> About device. What is your baseband version? If it's I535VRLG1, then you have a device that includes the latest S3 update. What they told you about an update due to a lawsuit is correct. Due to a lawsuit with Apple, Samsung has had to remove on-device searches from their devices. They can now only search online. All Verizon S3's that were released in the first few weeks have the capability to search on the device. Any released in the past month or so will not have this capability, including any replacements. The reason why the display model, and an employee's model, have on-device search is because they're still running the original software that includes the ability to search on the device. For some reason, the update that removes this has not been pushed out OTA, so those with an early S3 can still search on the device. My S3 can still search on the device because I have one of the early ones that were released with the original software. You can read a little more about it here - Verizon Galaxy S3 Receiving Update to VRLG1, Includes New Kernel and Dumbed Down Search.

    So, if you want to stick with the S3, this is something you'll have to get used to, at least for the near future.

    Although, I must say it's odd that this would impact the calendar like this. I can understand the calendar not being searched from the unified search app for the entire phone, but I would think that searching within the app would be fine. I can't say for sure though.
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