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Is a person not allowed to have toys to play with. I also have 2 droid charges a thunderbolt and a bionic. In two weeks from now as long as the person still needs money I will have a one x that I will never get activated I just want it to play with. I never root my phone that I am using as my main phone I do that with my phones that I have laying around. And yes the S3 is defective. But it still works the battery just comes lose a couple times a day. If I gave it to my daughter it would be fine she does not use her phone that much if I decide to keep it and add it to my collection then it will get rooted and what ever else I decide to do with it. Hopefully this helps make my earlier comment make a little more sense to you. Some people like to collect sport memorabilia I collect phones and tablets.
I got the s3 coming from the tbolt and I kinda miss the tbolt it was a great phone never gave me a problem at all.. I have been having some issues with the s3 but I've got them worked out I think but it was not the huge improvement I was expecting and the bolt had a better build in my mind