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Thread: Twisted Rom Features and Info and Downloads

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    Twisted Rom Features and Info and Downloads

    Build Version: 3.0.0, by (Developer) dhemke17 is offline

    Developer Last Online: Apr 2014 Show Printable Version Email this Page
    Category: [ROM] Build Version: 3.0.0 Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average)
    Released: 06-11-2012 Last Update: 06-30-2012 Installs: 4
    Theme: AOSP Base Version: 4.0.4 Compiled From: AOSP
    Supported Deodexed

    Twisted Rom
    by dhemke17

    Built from AOSP 4.0.4 which can be almost fully customized to your liking. Please feel free to offer up suggestions and features that you would like to see and I will do what I do best and get them in there! The list of added features below is ever growing

    1. System UI
    • Signal and Wifi Text and Color Option
    • Hide Signal Bars
    • Custom Battery Options: Icon, Text, Icon with text, CircleMod, Honeycomb, and Smooth Circle
    • Battery Bar Options with Color Option and several other options
    • Clock Options: Center, Right, Hide, day of the week, and AM/PM options
    • Notification color and transparency controls
    • Status bar transparency
    • Power Widgets
    • Carrier Options: Pull down and MIUI style with color chooser
    • Navigation Bar Customizations: ever expanding style options, color options, menu options, search options and transparency
    • Navigation bar height control and glow speed and color control
    • LED Color and duration control
    • Configurable Power Menu control: reboot, screenshot, and navigation bar toggle
    • Weather Text above carrier info with customizable color and location
    2. Performance Control
    • Color Tuning and Color Gamma Tuning
    • Full build.prop control from settings
    • Overclocking and voltage control
    • Power Saver Options
    • Quiet Hours control
    • Imoseyon's LeanKernel for GSM/VZW and Franco's Milestone #4 for Sprint
    3. Lockscreen Options
    • Style Options: ICS, Slider, Rotary, Rotary Revamp, Honeycomb, and Ring Unlock
    • Custom App Selection (Up to 3 for ICS lockscreen)
    • Camera/Sound Control options
    • Battery Percentage
    • Text Color
    • Lock before Unlock
    • Volume Wake
    • Volume Music Control
    • Lockscreen Call/SMS Widget
    • GB/ICS Music Widget selection
    • Lockscreen Wallpaper
    • Lockscreen Weather Widget
    4. Other Options and App Modifications
    • T-Mobile Theme Chooser
    • Custom boot animation from marcjc.
    • Browser modifications: Custom tabs open, Option to restore Tabs, Control of UA String without being in debug
    • MMS: Emoji Icons, Quick Emoji button, Strip Unicode, Quick Reply Box
    • Apollo Music App included
    • Camera: Power Shutter, More Sizes Available, Pinch to zoom
    • DSP Manager

    How to Flash

    1. Reboot into recovery and MAKE A BACKUP! MAKE A BACKUP! MAKE A BACKUP!!!!!
    2. Now that you have a backup, wipe data, cache, and dalvik
    3. Go ahead and flash the rom now.
    4. Flash the latest Gapps from goo.im/gapps
    5. reboot


    Twisted AOSP v3.0.0 Nightly #1

    Twisted AOSP v2.5.2
    MD5: cea1d7bed9aa1bceedfe607a0a38804e

    Twisted AOSP v3.0.0 Nightly #1
    MD5: 029a78034ef1173c30626d2e23dbdb10

    Twisted AOSP v2.5.2
    MD5: 89b4b9a8c67cd23ea092c3a0dc389740

    Twisted AOSP v3.0.0 Nightly #1
    MD5: a7b2b5b017235504d67e1ec67f00d77c

    MD5: 38f934a99521d1be914fd067307712cc

    GAPPS 04/29/2012
    MD5: 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c

    If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee to keep up the work by donating! Just click the support my work link at the top of the thread.

    Show Your Support

    • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
    • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

  2. Developer
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    Full Changelog

    v1.0 B1:
    Initial Release

    v1.0 B2:
    Added the ability to change navigation bar size (roman)
    Updated Kernel to imoseyon's 2.6.0

    v1.0 B3:
    Added Rotary and slide lock screen
    Added Framework to support Ring lockscreen just haven't quite tweaked the settings app to allow it to be activated
    Added New orientation for quad lockscreen...customizing is *ALMOST* complete, but the settings do not work as of yet.
    Updated kernel to Imoseyon's 2.7.2 Lean Kernel

    v1.0 Nightly Build 4
    Done with Beta name...going more with nightly for now
    Ring Unlock
    Honeycomb Unlock
    Removed Original quad lock and added setting to enable quad lock (custom apps still not working properly...but soon)
    Added LTE toggle button
    Added Color Changer for toggle indicator
    Added Color Changer for Navigation buttons
    Added option to use camera button as sound toggle on lockscreen (tied to quad lock for now)

    v1.0 Nightly #5
    Better Battery Options...more to come. Thanks to CNA and GUMMY for this
    Battery Bar Options

    v1.0 Nightly #6
    Voltage Settings
    Re-arranged the settings app
    Color for the clock
    Custom Bootanimation made by me
    Codename Kernel included

    v1.0 Nightly #7
    Updated to 4.0.4...What's this mean for you?

    Added int Build.Prop Editor into settings (CNA)
    Added in AppWidgetPicker AOSP (Thanks Kejar for the slimmed down version)
    Added in Spare parts...working on getting it integrated into settings.

    v1.0 Nightly #8
    Carrier Text Color
    Notification Icon Color
    Volume options
    Long Press Volume music controls
    Volume Wake option

    v1.0.1 Stable
    Massive Settings Update
    Fixed all known bugs
    Fixed issues with lockscreen custom apps not working

    *** Stable-Patched ***
    Fixed Flashlight

    Face Unlock now intermittently functioning...seems to randomly work (once its on, it will stay on, but I get a settings close when trying to set it up)

    ** Current workaround to Face Unlock not setting up correctly**
    1. Change lock type from slide to pattern and set it up!! (may work with others, just change it from slide)
    2. Go through and set up face unlock...will get an error at the end (Unfortunately Settings has stopped)
    3. Press OK in the popup message and on the "You're all done!" page and exit settings..do not go through the pin/pattern setup again)
    4. Facelock should be working...if someone wants to verify this working...

    Added LED Settings for fun

    ************************************************** *********************************
    ************************************************** *********************************

    Nightly #1

    Theming has begun
    Sense-esque Lockscreen
    Fixed Ring Lockscreen layout to work correctly
    Themed and rearranged settings. Overclock settings now a part of twisted settings

    Nightly #2
    Lockscreen Text Colors
    Third App to ICS Lockscreen
    Possible fix for random reboot on ICS screen
    Statusbar Transparency
    Wifi/Signal Text and Color options
    Navbar glow color picker

    Nightly #3
    After massive amounts of time spent pouring through code, I may have fixed the reboots with ICS...PLEASE WIPE DALVIK...this isn't what fixed it but was causing issues...
    Layout fixes for Facelock...still unable to activate without error in settings and have been trying to fix this for a while. Just follow the workaround above.
    Navbar Glow times added
    Navbar transparency slider added.

    Nightly #4
    Longpress to kill apps
    180 degree rotation
    MIUI Carrier Text options
    Wifi and Signal Text and color option
    T-mobile theme chooser has been added to settings (CM9)...themes work now lol
    FIxed ICS layout issues...and possible that this was causing reboot issues.

    Nightly #5
    WebOS Recent Apps
    Sense 4.0 Recent Apps
    NavBar Menu options, Search options, and Order (CNA)
    Fixes to Theme Chooser
    Music Widget Selection (Gummy)
    Lockscreen before unlock
    Massive Code Cleanup in hopes of solving null point exception...going to be removing 4tab lockscreen in the next release as this seems to be where its coming from...
    Stability Increase over nightly #4

    Nightly #6
    Fixed the SystemUI.apk force close associated with the nav bar options

    Milestone 2
    Finally put the nail in the coffin in the ICS lockscreen soft reboot. Sooo dumb once I figured out what was causing it
    Added Ability to theme more framework files. Theme engine is near completion...
    Included minimalist kernel 3.6 with this build...going to try and make it build with the source.
    many more stability resolutions.


    Nightly #1
    Imoseyon's kernel now built in with rom
    Includes Apollo, the CM Music app, built from source
    Updated Carrier Settings to reset so a reboot is no longer needed
    Updated Repo and manifest to pull 4.0.4_r1.2...took long enough lol
    Fixed an issue with bluetooth and the music player.
    Further integrated theme engine
    Added Screenshot to the power menu
    Fully Customizable power menu settings
    Redid Twisted Settings in order to make it make sense.
    Added emoji support to mms
    Added ability to hide signal bars.

    Nightly #2
    Updated the kernel
    Fixed the statusbar transparency setting on a clean install
    Added ability to customize nav bar icons to different sets. 8 so far...none of the artwork is my own. All are atticus182 from so give some credit

    Nightly #3

    Branching out from the framework mods...I have tweaked the browser, contacts, and camera in this round
    Tab options. How many are open and whether or not the tabs restore
    Moved UA Strings out of debug and into advanced settings
    T9 dialer
    More image sizes available
    Pinch to zoom
    Imoseyon's 3.8.0 Kernel

    Updated app other apps to latest update from google.

    Nightly #4

    Quiet Hours with time preferences added as a request
    Power Saver Preferences added as a preference
    IME toggle added
    Code Cleanup

    v2.0.0-Milestone 3
    Toggle for nav buttons accessible from power menu
    Camera Shutter sound option
    Lockscreen SMS with custom app selection (from team Gummy)
    Separate lock screen text color and sms popup color
    Color Tuning/ Gamma Tuning (in general settings)
    Toggle IME selector in statusbar
    ...may be more I'm forgetting ATM
    -Now available in Rom Manager.
    *** Sprint Version added...uses Franco's milestone 3 kernel and not Lean Kernel

    v2.5.0 Nightly #1

    Toggle for IME no longer needs a reboot
    Slide status bar for brightness control
    Code cleanup
    Updated everything to the latest source from google
    ***CM9 Kernel for Sprint devices. Need to hear back if you have service at first boot without flashing Francos kernel

    v2.5.0 Nightly #2
    Fixes to nav bar when in landscape (no longer reverse orientation)
    New Bootanimation courtesy of marcjc
    New settings icons by myself
    Kernel Update
    Volume Boost Patch

    v2.5.0 Milestone #4

    Lockscreen Wallpaper
    Lockscreen Weather Widget
    Lockscreen SMS/Call Count Widget
    Statusbar Weather Options

    v2.5.1 (Milestone 4-FIXED!!!)
    Fixed boot loop issue caused by the rotary lock. Suggest everyone updates to this release to prevent issues!

    No seriously...fixed...right file uploaded...goddam!
    Also fixed music widget bug and ring unlock causing hot restart when in landscape!
    This is one is finally worthy of milestone status!

    DSP Manager added for those that want to add beats audio, I suggest taking a look at Awesome Beats. Its a flash able zip over at xda.
    Power saver tweaks...still not 100%
    Code cleanup and sync.
    Last edited by dhemke17; 06-30-2012 at 09:14 PM.
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    Very cool! And in your shiny new section. Congrats!!
  4. Developer
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    Thanks man...I like the revamped section.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  5. Developer
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    Latest Milestone has been posted for all but sprint device...it will be up tomorrow! Hope ya like it...
  6. DF News Team
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    Very nice! This is getting featured on the front page!
    dhemke17 likes this.
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    Looks very promising, will be giving it a spin momentarily!
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  8. Droid Newbie
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    This should be posted on Rootz. I have a feeling this thing could explode!

    I knew I still lurk around here for a reason.
  9. Developer
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    This has actually been here, xda, and rootz since the beginning lol

    Thanks all for the love! Suggest the latest update as a precaution as 2.5.1 seemed to cause my phone issues
  10. Junior Droid
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    Would someone want to tell me what they think the best kernel for this rom would be? i want the one that would have the best battery life! Thanks
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