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Thread: Need Help!

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    Need Help!

    I was on BAKED version 6 for close to two months. I decided to try out another rom and did my normal procedures (used TiBu, backed up ROM etc.). I didn't like it and decided to go back. That is when I noticed issues. TWRP couldn't find my backups. I was able to find them but it looks like there is a whole new path starting with 0. I'm assuming I must have partitioned my GNEX.

    My questions.....If i pull my pictures and TiBu folders from my phone can I go back to stock and reroot again? Will it create just one partition? Has anyone done this? Any pointers?

    Thanks for reading!
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    Not familiar with BAKED, but I'm assuming it was a 4.2 ROM. 4.2 has a 0 path for its feature of multiple users. I'm not exactly sure (as I'm not even on a 4.2 ROM), but if you have TWRP up to date then it resolves the 0 path issue.

    To answer your question, yes if you save whatever you want you can go back to stock and re-root again, but that may be the long way.


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