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Thread: Warning About VZW Screen Protectors!

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    Warning About VZW Screen Protectors!

    first of all, id like to say i posted this on xda and nothing. Im giving up on sharing with xda, here first for now on!

    They are just terrible.

    for the first week, it attracted sweat. I was not even sweaty, yet it absorbed the sweat. If i were watching you tube videos, i could see where it was wet and id have to wipe it away.

    for the second week. Its picking up fingerprints, in my pocket. its that bad. The fingerprints dont go away either. It starts making bumps. Heres the kicker, if you try to swype( See what i did there?) it away, more finger prints! They start to make it hard just to swipe left and right in the home screens.

    To point out some other flaws-
    -Does not even cover the complete screen
    -Attracts sunlight
    -cut outs are too large, incase of user error
    -comes in a pack of 3, so if i get a new screen protector (no way im not) ill feel bad about it. (yes, this is a flaw.)

    So Never, Never, Ever, get the verizon screen protector. Even if you were in my position where you did the living social thing to get $50 to spend, Just get two cases, or the highly overpriced $6 screen cleaners, which are really just the free things they give you when you get glasses.
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    It must depend on the type of verizon screen protector you got. I understand the antiglare ones suck. I had an otterbox defender with a builtin screen protector and that was terrible. It made the screen look like you were looking at it through a screen door. I have the verizon clear screen protector and I think it is fine. Yes it attracts fingerprints but you can easily wipe them away with your shirt sleeve every few days and the smudges do not interfere with screen clarity. I would prefer no screen protector but I really think the verizon clear is fine.
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    I've been using the Verizon Anti-Glare Display Protectors (3 pack). I don't think it makes the screen look that bad but it does add some grain to the image. No real problem with finger prints using this protector. They seem to wipe right off fine.
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    I didn't like the anti-glare ones. The clear ones have been fine for me so far

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    I agree with you in regards to XDA, but you didn't really ask a question. You just posted an experience. Are you demanding a response? That's more of a dev site where DF is a better all around help forum. I'm pretty Mich done with XDA too. DF and rootzwiki and been my go too for awhile now.

    But anyway. I have the clear Verizon ones and they are pretty good. I don't see a real need for anti-glare since the Nexus screen is pretty good in the sun (curved glass helps!).

    But anyway, good post hopefully some find it informative when making a decision on a screen protector.

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