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Thread: Signal strenth drops immediately upon call placement

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    Signal strenth drops immediately upon call placement

    Not sure if everybody does but when I am about to place a call, especially an important business call - I check my "bars". I don't always have time nor do I want the hassle of going into settings, phone, sigmanl, strength. Not sure if it would matter based on what I have been told anyway.
    Problem is, I will have 4 bars and the second I hit "Send" I drop to none and the call either fails or I drop shortly into actually speaking with a client.
    That is a problem.
    I have been told by Verizon Tech that they don't know why but Motorola made the call function of the phone just another competing app basically. So your call is competing for processor power and sometimes it loses.
    That is why signal strength can show Full Power but the second you place the call Boom Nada.
    Going in and clearing the Cache seems to help but that isn't practical to be doing before using the phone as a phone.
    Any ideas or suggestions??
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    The Verizon Tech was correct in stating that the phone application does have to compete for processing power. But the phone apk has a higher priority in the RAM to disallow it from being killed (much like the home launcher). Even with these two things stated, they should not, in any way affect your signal. Your signal has nothing to do with processing power or such. I recommend calling Verizon support and asking for a replacement device as it seems more so that this is faulty software communication with the network.

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    I've had the same problem for two years now and I wondered y my Droid 1 would do the same thing and I don't know y but depending on the rom I use it can get better even though I didn't think rom would effect it unless its just lucky and when I put simply stunning on here Verizon boosted signal

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