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Thread: Big Theme Question

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    Big Theme Question

    I have the OTA 2.2.1 on my DX. Rooted with really NOTHING special. I'm guessing my phone is ODEXed and I'm just looking for a nice theme that is supported with my current version of froyo. I've searched on here, in my ROM manager and all I see is themes for ROMS or DEODEXed froyo I guess? Any help would be great. I just wanna theme my regular 2.2.1 Froyo. THANKS!
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    Here's my two cents for what it's worth.... i've been on the forums for some time messing with my phone, i'm not a dev and probably not an expert either, but i know my way around enough to get things done correctly. That said, it's my understanding that in order to theme your phone you must be deodexed first. There are some themes available for deodexed phones with stock roms, but why anyone would want to keep the bulky, limited stock rom is beyond me. The best and easiest way to go about theming your phone then would be to flash a custom rom (i reccomend RubiX) and then add a theme that is designed around that rom. It also saves you the trouble of manually deodexing your phone, as most of the new roms will handle that for you at install. Your main roadblock at this point is that you are still running 2.2.1 all the new roms out there require you to be on 2.3.340. The best way for you to upgrade is to find a flashable .zip that is floating around the forum called madderstock.zip, this will upgrade your kernel, radio, bootloader, and system to 2.3.340 all in one step. I know it seems like a lot just to get a theme on your phone, but you will actually get a lot more and your phone will run much better and faster. Once you do it a few times it's a piece of cake.... hope that helps. Good luck.

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    Just so nobody else gets confused, the system version 2.3.340 is android ver. 2.2.1 (same thing).

    -Do homework - research roms & compatible themes
    -Download rom & or theme
    -Backup only USER apps + data with Titanium backup (sd card is safe) if u like
    -Bootstrap app
    -Boot into recovery
    -Backup rom
    -Wipe data/cache (if installing new rom)
    -Install rom/theme .zip from folder
    -When done, reboot
    -restore missing user apps + data with titanium (google may restore some/all)

    from my DX


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