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Thread: Internet browser Problem

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    Internet browser Problem


    Well i just got my driod today. It seems really fun, and fast and great (little complex but i hope ill get the hang of it). Anyway, I wanted to log on to my Facbook through the browser, but when i filled out my info and clicked, login. It does nothing. It just sits there, not even attempting to load a screen.

    I also does this with google. I type in a search and nothing. It says Welcome to Google. Not even realizing im telling it to search.

    Other sites work, this confuses me but whatever, not sure how to fix it. Perhpas a button or reboot, I dont know. Help woul dbe greatly appreciated.

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    Have you got into your browsers settings and changed anything? I can't speak about Facebook but it's a Google phone, searching in Google is what it does all the time.

    OK, let's say you haven't changed anything. Go to the Market and download a browser called Dolphin HD. See if that gives you any issues.

    Your issue is bazar to say the least. I don't know what else to tell you at this point. If it happens with Dolphin then lets do a Factory Data Reset. If it's still an issue after that then take it back to Verizon. I don't think you'll have to do that but there is no reason for it not doing a search in Google.
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    I have seen this happen a few times to me on my Droid X as well. What I have noticed is that it usually happens when one of two things are at play.

    1. A poor connection. If I happen to be in a spot with a spotty connection, and the page doesn't completely load, this will happen.


    2. I start trying to enter my info and log in before the page finishes downloading (in part sometimes because of number 1).

    In these cases it seems as if the Javascript uses on the page is not completely loaded and hence not running properly (or at all).

    For me, many times, just refreshing the page and waiting until it finishes loading completely solves the issue.


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