Hey everybody. I've only had my Droid X for a month and a half and still/never will know everything about it. I want to put some music on it soI plugged my phone into the computer and follow the steps to get into windows media player. The only problem is windows won't recognize my device. I have tried the "refreshing" devices option but my Droid doesn't show up.

Also yesterday I downloaded a ringtone from the internet to my phone. It was sent in a text and from there I downloaded it. I got it so that it was my ringtone. Then at night I turned off my phone. Today when my phone rang it wasn't the ringtone. I went to the files application on my phone and saw the ringtone under the folder media which opens to ringtones and notifications. The ringtone appears in both folders. Problem solved right? When I go to my phone settings and then to sound and finally phone ringtone, the ringtone I downloaded doesn't show up. But yet the previous day it showed up under phone ringtone. Anyone know any of this? Thanks.