I haven't received a Gizmodo news feed in over two days. If any of you subscribe to this, you know that is weird because you normally get quite a few, to say the least, in a day. I have been getting a couple other feeds from other subscriptions but only a couple here and there. Hardly at all. This seems to coincide with the 2.2 update but I wonder, also, if the news feeds are cached in a place that could fill up and prevent new feeds from syncing until the cache is cleared. I have over a hundred previous feeds when I select see all articles. Do I have to clear these out, and if so, how?

My data sync settings seem correct for receiving feeds. I am running night time mode but that should only effect syncing when the phone hasn't been used for 15 minutes, I think.

Facebook updates seem to be erratic also. I am definitely getting what seems typical, but in chunks. I will check for updates and see none, then I'll check again, and there will be like 24 updates.