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Thread: Droid X static on receiving end of call

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    Droid X static on receiving end of call

    So I finally convinced my wife it was time to drop AT&T and her iPhone for a Droid. She chose the Droid X and, while she misses her iPhone, I think she'll get over it soon.

    One problem that I am having is that when she calls me, I hear a crackling static on my end. She cannot hear it on her DX. I am using a Droid 1 and don't hear this static on any other calls, nor did I hear it from her iPhone.

    I had always heard DX had superior call quality, and she agrees so far because she can't hear the static. Like I said, it's only on my end, but it's only when I'm talking to her not other people. It also doesn't seem to matter if I call her or she calls me.

    BTW, I noticed this both before and after updating her new DX to Froyo.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Did she possibly just get a defective phone? What are your suggestions?


    P.S. Sorry if there is already a thread on this topic. I searched for static and could only find stuff about headphone static.
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    I would suggest that your wife tries to reprogram her phone connection by dialing *228, option 1, and then after that is processed, *228 option 2. Then power down her phone, pull the battery for one minute, then reboot.
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    I ran into similar issue past two days. Whether call was outbound or inbound, I could hear person on the other end of call, but they could not hear me. I could hear some static on my side, but person on other end of the call could not hear me and heard nothing but static.

    I have Droid X which I purchased about 6 weeks ago. It worked fine for me until yesterday. In fact, people I called even commented on how well they could hear me - like I was in the same room with them, even though I was in the car driving home in traffic.

    I tried every suggestion i could find including reprogramming my connection from Verizon, removing then reinserting battery, and last resort - factory reset. However, issue persisted which indicated I must have a hardware issue.

    I went to Verizon store and they are overnighting new DX to me tomorrow. Just the phone part. I will keep same battery and SD card and mail remains back in same package as I recieved replacement. I am happy with their responsiveness.

    This is a bit inconvenient for me, but I LOVE the Droid X and am hoping there are no further issues from the replacement parts.


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