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Thread: Droid X won't turn on

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    Droid X won't turn on

    Hey guys,

    I posted this in another forum section (sorry if that's breaking rules, I didn't know if I could or not) but I started having a problem today with my Droid X and it won't turn on. Here's the original post:

    I got my Droid X right at about a month ago, and it's been working fine for me since the day i set it up, but just this afternoon I encountered a problem. I was in the store with a friend and he hit my phone with a guitar cable while it was in my pocket, not very hard but hard enough to where I think it might have caused something. Anyway, I never bothered to check my phone until after we were done shopping, and whenever I walked out of the store and checked it, it was off and no amount of button pressing or battery removing has been able to turn it back on at all. It won't even light up. Also, it seems to be getting really hot, much hotter than I've ever felt it before. I took out the battery for awhile and it cooled off, but when I got home I tried putting the battery back in and plugging it into a charger and it got even hotter, so I unplugged it again and pulled the battery out to keep it from overheating. That's all the clues I have so anyone's thoughts on what might be wrong with it or how I could fix it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.

    Like I said, sorry if this is rule breaking, I just wanted to expose my problem to more than one place. Not having a functional phone at all is killing me right now. Thanks again everyone.
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    Im not sure what you have going on there, but it sounds like your screen is dead....the easiest solution would be calling Verizon customer support and have them send u a replacement.


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