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Thread: Album Art Wrong or Missing in Music Player

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    Album Art Wrong or Missing in Music Player

    I've loaded quite a bit of MP3 files with album art on my Droid X (6-7gb). I am very particular about having correct, high quality images on my music. A couple files will come up with wrong album art, usually from another file that I uploaded. In one case I had blank album art

    I uploaded my music files to the phone in a directory called Music on the memory card with in USB Mass Storage Mode. Should I be doing it another way?

    Update: Once you have found an affected song, go to the sort by Artist mode. Look here and you will see other affected songs, including ones from artists showing up (which should not be). This might be a way to isolate affected files and delete them, and try re-uploading. Clearly some type of database corruption or caching error is happening.
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    I found that it took a while for album art to get scanned and sorted by the phone.
    You can accelerate this by going to the album list mode and going into each album then back out, this helsp to force load the artwork. Also if this doesn't load the artwork correctly, then you should UNmount and then remount the sd card from the phone settings menu. These two steps solved all my album art issues.
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    For me, the problem was solved by making sure something was in the "Album" field in the id3 tag. I used mp3tag at mp3tag dot de and copied the artist name to any blank spaces in the "Album" column. If you know the album name then use that, but the click, ctrl-c, click, ctrl-v method was easier. Once I had something in that column for every file, my music player on my Samsung Charge picked up some art. Even though some of if it was the wrong art, at least it's the right artist. Also, after doing this step, the aforementioned apps now work on my Samsung Charge. Before doing this, Album Art Grabber did not even show anything that had a blank for "Album". Now it does, and I can fix them at my leisure.


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