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Thread: Recover from "low on space" boot loop without losing Voxer data?

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    Recover from "low on space" boot loop without losing Voxer data?

    Hi folks..

    Yesterday my Droid X (never rooted, latest update) randomly restarted on its own as it sat next to me. This happens sometimes, but then it kept going. I tried wiping the phone cache, doing soft resets, booting into safe mode.. none of it worked. If the phone even made it to the lock screen without rebooting, it would only last for a few seconds before crashing again. The one thing I could see was a notification that said "Low on space." Anyway, to cut down on the story, today I was able to keep it on long enough to delete some extraneous apps and (most importantly to me) back up my text messages (which I should have done long ago).

    So, those are safe, and the phone hasn't rebooted since. I've aggressively erased programs and currently see "6.4GB used/ 98MB free". That's up from the 30-something I had free earlier, so it's stable. I avoided simply doing a factory reset when it was wigging out on me yesterday, because I didn't want to lose some very memorable texts. Now my hindrance is Voxer (walkie-talkie program). I've moved it to the SD card (I think.. though I don't know if I trust it), but the program doesn't offer a way to back up the messages, and while browsing what files ARE on the SD card for Voxer, I only see a couple of profile picture images, and that's it. If there is no other solution, I can record these messages onto my computer through the headphones, but I'd still rather not as that would lose the other info like dates and times.

    Mainly, I'm looking for help with this lack of internal space issue. I've tried transferring a couple of other apps to the SD card, but I get a message saying that it can't because of insufficient space.. which doesn't make sense to me, since the SD card has gigs and gigs of free space. I would love to just root the phone and kill off some of these applications I never use, but I'm running the .621 update that only allows root now by a method that would erase all of my data anyway (unless I'm reading it incorrectly). If I'm naive in believing that I can keep this many texts and Voxer messages on my phone, along with whatever apps, feel free to tell me so I can readjust my expectations. Right now, though, I'm really just trying to make my phone easily usable again without having to lose all of these Voxer memories I've saved.


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