My x's internal storage has been filling up on its own lately. I have done 3 factory resets over the past few weeks and the problem always comes back. I have even made sure not to dl any apps through this process and yet i cant find a fix. If i have like 6.27 gb free, ive had it drop down to 2.35gb in a matter of an hour until i catch it. It seems to me that the issue comes when im hooked up to wifi, but i cant guarantee it only happens when im connected.

The app program i have set to not auto update, so i have no clue what is being used in this space. I have seen many postings on similar issues, but everyone says a factory reset does the trick, but i havent had much success with it. Pulling the battery isnt helpful either.

I really dont want to root my phone, but it seems like i have no choice but to go in and start deleting. I really dont want to buy a new phone if i can help it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!