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Thread: Wifi Is Intermittent, And Video Is Choppy

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    Wifi Is Intermittent, And Video Is Choppy

    Hi everyone. I've had my droid for about 6 months. So far I love it (with the exception of the keyboard --- it sucks). Here's my problem... I tether my Droid and use it as a modem. When I get a connection, it's okay. But about half the time it doesn't want to connect at all. I tried using several programs, and the one that I found that seems to work the best is Barnacle. I use Ubuntu 10.10, so I haven't been able to find a program that uses anything but wireless. I used to use PDAnet, and I even bought the official version (running XP in a virtual machine). What happens is that I'm either unable to connect, or for some reason, it doesn't see Barnacle as a network. Most of the time I have my Droid sitting on my laptop. Why does it not show the connection when there should be? Sometimes I can't access the net on my Droid itself, but most of the time when I try to check for connectivity on the phone, the pages load without a problem. This is extremely flusterating because rather than using a direct link (which is faster) I have to try and find a torrent for large files in case my connection is severed. I'm pretty sure this is a problem on the Droid's end because I've tried tethering in both Windows and Linux with similar results.


    It seems to happen the most around 8 AM and 5 PM. Maybe it's on Verizon's end, but I can still usually access the net on the phone itself.

    Also the "high definition" video that this records is grainy as hell. What can I do about that? The iPhone's video is much, much better.

    I've searched both issues endlessly without a solution.


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