Hey folks, forum newbie here, and I've been crawling various sites to see if this question has been answered, but I don't think it has. SO...here goes.

First, LOVING the Droid X (Vers 2.2.1). My B.B. died, and that may have been the happiest death I've experienced, LOL. My problem is video uploads. Is there or isn't there a size limit to video uploads to third-party app's? I'm speaking particularly about TWITVID and it's inability thus far to upload several small vids I recorded out & about in NYC. I've tried several times to no avail, and there's been no error message to even give a clue as to why.

FYI, I'm really trying get this Twitvid rolling for some viral video promo for my music. For a direct link to the music out right now, Click Here for the free streams. Thanks for any help yall can provide, I appreciate it!