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Thread: More SD Card Problems

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    More SD Card Problems

    I've seen several people having similar problems, but wanted to put my specific situation out here to see if anybody else is seeing it.

    I bought a Droid Pro in November of 2010. Not long after I had it, I turned it on and it gave me the "SD Card is Blank or has an Unsupported Filesystem" message and forced me to format it. I was able to format it through the phone and it worked for another few weeks when the phone did a hard lock up and I had to remove the battery...it did it again. Anyway, it happened to me again last night (hard lock up, battery removal) and now I can't even reformat the card through the phone. I put the card in the adapter and put it into my laptop and the laptop doesn't recognize the card at all....it's junk.

    My wife has a Droid X and she's encountering the same problem. Her Droid X also has an issue where she takes a picture but it won't save. You'll see the thumbnail of the just taken picture on the camera screen, but when you click on it to open the gallery, it's not there.

    We're both using Sandisk 8gb Micro SDHC cards. Could it be the brand? I've just reinstalled the stock 2GB card that came with the phone and it recognized it.

    The only aftermarket apps I'm running that are interacting with the SD card are Doubletwist and iSyncR. I've lost about $40-$50 in music because of this and have now stopped downloading anything onto my phone making it fairly useless to me as I'm too afraid to buy music or take pictures with it because I fear that I'll lose them. Verizon swears they've never heard of this issue. They offered me another Droid phone but the only other one I would get would be the Droid X and as I mentioned, my Wife is having the same problem.

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    My sd card died yesterday. Hard lesson learned: i'll be copying my card regularly.

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    IDK, Sandisk is the best flash card manufacturer in the world. Unlikely it's the card, but it's certainly possible.

    Unfortunately, multi-level cell flash memory (the normal, cheap kind) has a very high failure rate in terms of electronics. More than 1%. Some flash memory manufacturers even have failure rates over 3%. (most electronics of any kind have a universal failure rate under a 10th of a percent)

    The 16GB card that came with my Droid X and the one that came with my mom's Droid X were both bad and failed within 3 months of purchase. I really wish a major manufacturer made SLC micro SDHC cards. (single-level cell) SLC is considerably more expensive, but far more reliable.
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    Taken from the last post I made on this subject...from this exact forum...where you could have placed your post and not started a new thread...but I digress...

    Quote Originally Posted by BodyBagz View Post
    Well, I cant speak for all DX`s, but mine has a 16gb SanDisk card in it..straight out of the box, and so far, it has worked as it should. I have had my phone since late August/early September of 2010...numerous files transferred from phone to pc/pc to phone, ROM swaps, Theme installs and even OS updates...no issues from my phone or SD card as of yet...
    Fact is, microSD cards are not infallible...unfortunately, like Roland posted, they do have a slightly higher fail rate than we as consumers would like. The reason you dont hear so much about it is because we dont tend to lose a lot of actual "valuable" stuff when ones goes South. You OP, unfortunately, did lose real value, in that you had paid for music on your card...for that I am sorry. Always back-up any data you think you might lose and not be able to gain back...

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