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Thread: Have connection problems? Data goes on and off?

  1. budmonster
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    Have connection problems? Data goes on and off?

    I was on stock .340, did the OTA update. Couple weeks later I wanted to start fresh so I flashed the maderstokc .340 zip to get back on clean .340

    Ever since I've been on maderstokc I've been getting connection problems. I was talking on the phone and all of a sudden my call was dropped. I couldn't make out going calls, it would just sit there and hang. The 3G went away and 1x appear for a while. I could go on the internet and stuff but couldn't receive texts or make phone calls. I did a restore yesterday back to the maderstokc restore I made. Things still didn't work then all of a sudden my 3G came back and I was able to make calls?

    Is something wrong with my phone, is maderstokc messing my phone up? This also has happened when I first got my DX and rooted my phone. There's something going on but I cant point to whats wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks- BUD

    EDIT:right now for some reason my gmail and email on my DX isn't working. i can receive gmail and email messages but i can not send them? i dont know whats going on.

    is there a different way to get back to a clean stock over .340 besides flash maderstokc?
  3. budmonster
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  4. Droid
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    Sammy Slll
    Im gonna say its got to be VZW cause I'm having alot of the same issues but mine is with sms and web. I can load a page or two then it goes to the web page not available, so I've tried completely stock, rooted and not rooted and diff roms.
    Dont know though. my wife has d2g and we are on a shared account, she has no issues.
    Im at a loss with this one
  5. Droid Newbie
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    I have DX & husband has D2 & since Sunday morning we have had one connection error after another and are either showing no connection to 3G or weak connection to1G with the exception of a second or 2 here and there when we finally connect. We aren't rooted and when my husband tried to update roaming this afternoon the phone reset itself and several apps and folders disappeared for a while before finally reappearing. I was checking here before calling to see if it was just us or our area (Louisville KY) but sounds to me like it is a VZW issue. If it's not resolved by morning I guess I need to call and report it.

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  6. Droid
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    Bump. I'm having major connection issues too. Now getting a national access coverage not available error as well. Anyone else having problems? I've tried the usual *228 and battery pull. Help!

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