I took some TV shows on DVD which are standard definition and aspect ratio. I created ISO files for use in a media player I have that can handle ISO images (no touching of the DVDs ever again) and they play fine. I decided to generate some files to play on the phone when I get bored and used Handbrake to generate m4v files that are playable on the phone and transferred them over.

When I view them on my PC, they are correct at roughly 624x480 for a 1.3 ratio (essentially a slight under scan of a standard 1.33:1 TV image). However, when I play the same m4v file on the Droid X using the built in gallery player, they are now at roughly 700x480. Stretched in the horizontal. Not correct at all - more like 1.46:1.

What gives? Shouldn't they play at 624X480 and show slight black bars on the sides? The phone is apparently stretching the image to fit. Same whether in landscape or portrait. What am I missing?

Thanks for the input,