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Thread: Battery Issues - Android System using battery heavily

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    Check the weather widget. I know some poll data as much as every 15 minutes.

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    Just a follow up in case anyone is curious. Thanks for the responses attempting to help. Here's what ended up happening.

    After it totally died yesterday, she got it home and charged it briefly and tried to turn it on. It would not turn back on. I had to remove the battery, put it back in, and power it on. The device turned on until you turned the screen back off, and then would not respond at all, and required removing the battery. Every time you turned it back on, the same thing happened. Did a factory restore, and it behaved the same way. I took it back to Verizon Wireless and they straight up replaced it with a brand new one (including battery) out of a box.

    Hopefully that fixes things. This wasn't normal!
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    Take advantage of the new slate. Be weary of settings, widgets, and un reputable apps.

    I suggest starting slow after having wiped out what might not be to your liking. Add till your satisfied.

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