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Thread: How much better is a Rom compared to "freezing" with Titanium

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    How much better is a Rom compared to "freezing" with Titanium

    I have my Droid X rooted, themed, and overclocked/undervolted, but still technically the stock "rom".
    I'm currently interested in Darkslide v3 and Rubix Focused 1.6. I'll also be interested in Jrummy's upcoming rom. I was just curious what everyone's impressions were after swapping out for a new rom. How much better does the phone run (speed and battery life) compared to stock with the useless blur apps frozen with titanium. I don't want to loose functionality of the hdmi, dlna, camera, gps or any of the other horror stories I've heard about with some of the roms. If you could just give me some pointers on where to start looking, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would also like to know this. I don't have an x but convinced my friend to let me fiddle with it (test roms etc.) tehe

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    I'm using focused 1.6 and it is FAST! all functions are their and all the crap is gone. The one and only problem for me is the GPS. It works geat outside but indoors it takes a bit to get a lock and is not even close while waiting. This is a problem I have had with all roms not blurred. I fins that under settings-location that there is no AGPS only GPS and network locations so my location is shown as the nearest tower untill I get a GPS lock. But with focused 1.6 I have had 16+ hours battery life with heavy usage and love it

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