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Thread: Gingerbread and darkslide

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    Gingerbread and darkslide

    I just did the TBH 2 part update to gingerbread earlier today. Had no problems with it. I did the ota update and went from .602 to .605 and baseband version .13.

    It looks like I lost root privileges by doing this. Z4root basically force closes and titanium backup doesn't work. I had bloatware apps frozen so I figured the update would fail to install but it didn't.

    My questions are:

    is there a cracked version of .605 out there that supports root?

    What's the difference between .602 and .605? If nothing major I'll just go back to .602

    And most important is am I able to flash darkslide over gb or do I need to sbf back to froyo to get DS back?

    Thanks for your help!! I've had root since April and had no problems until now.

    One more question... I have wireless tether that worked before I did the updates but after the TBH update and before the OTA update it wasn't working. I tried a different version but it still didn't work. Was basically acting like 3G mobile hotspot. I could connect to my phone but couldn't get anything to load. Do I need a new app or just an update?

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    There is not a cracked version out there but you can root the uncracked one using the "D3 One-Click" method. There is not a major difference between the 2 and from what I remember a keyboard fix was the big thing with .605. You can flash darkslide x, which is GB, but other versions you need froyo I believe. And there are issues tethering on GB. There are patches but I have seen mixed results with people trying to use them.
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    I thought DarkslideX was only at .596? At least my last rom that I had was DarkslideX, but I was set at .596 and had .13p radio.


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