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Thread: MIUI 1.9.23 Bootloops

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    MIUI 1.9.23 Bootloops

    Hey guys,
    I convinced my sister to switch to the MIUI port for the droid X. This is the process that I went through on stock 4.5.605.
    - Rooted
    - Installed Droid 2 Bootstrap
    - Installed Rom Manager
    - Flashed ClockworkMod recovery (Motorola Droid X, not the Droid X (2nd-init) one)
    - Downloaded MIUI Shadow 1.9.23 something something.
    - Bootstrapped Recovery and Rebooted recovery using Droid 2 bootstrap.
    - Went to install zip from sdcard and selected the MIUI .zip file.
    - Waited a bit and wiped data.
    - Rebooted the phone.
    After this, it bootloops once and then goes into stock recovery. When I reboot the system or battery pull or wipe data/wipe cache and reboot, it bootloops once again and goes right into stock recovery. After this happening I SBF'ed to 4.5.602, rooted, installed Droid 2 Bootstrap and Rom Manager, Flashed CWM Recovery again and tried flashing again with the same results. Then I tried this entire process except for installing Rom Manager and flashing CWM recovery with the same results. I also tried the process with deodexed .605 with no luck.
    What am I missing? Please help me out.
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    U have miui on your SD card right? Sbf to. 602 wipe data a couple times install d2 bootstrap. Boot into bootstrap wipe again and install rom then reboot. Should be good

    Sent from my DROIDX
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    Thanks for the info. I think I did most of that except for wiping the data a couple of times. I thought that would have fixed it but I wiped a couple of times from stock recovery not CWM and I did that after I already flashed MIUI.

    But I don't know if she will let me anymore. I told her that I would be able to restore all of her phone the way it was and just to be on the safe side, I backed up all the user apps with TB and then took two nandroid backups at two separate times without changing anything on the phone. When I tried to restore her phone, both the nandroid backups said md5 mismatch and wouldn't load. So I remade the .md5 files for both with no luck. I used the TB backup to restore her user apps but not any of the system data. Safe to say she was pretty pissed and I don't think I can talk her into letting me SBF her phone again.

    I still saved the backup just in case I come across anything that can help me claim it back. If you have any ideas as to what would have caused the nandroid backups to crash and burn let me know.


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