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whenever i had this problem, regardless of ROM, i just went to settings>applications>manage applications>ALL>Gmail....then i wiped data/cache...go back into your gmail and everything should work fine
Super quick update. I tried this out but I'm lazy and didn't want to recreate my accounts. All I did was the wipe cache part. After I did that I sent myself a test email to all my gmail accounts and they pushed instantly.

Hopefully this works permanently. I'll update my experience in the next couple days. It very well could be a Google server issue anyway.
I tried this to no avail. Every week or so I have a problem where the my gmail is not received in a timely fashion. I rely on gmail as a paging notification system but network equipment receiving email in a timely fashion on my driod x is critical for my job. Last night, the email came in at 11pm but I didn't receive it on my droid until 4am today. What is crazy about this is that the timestamp shows 11pm last night but the email/page did not come into until 4am. This happens randonly/intermittently. I can't reproduce it.

The synch icon is selected in my power widget too so I don't think that it the issue.

Any suggestions?