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Thread: [ROM]Fission 2.4 DroidX - Vanilla Generic Android - AOSP Like - Fission ROM Manager

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    [ROM]Fission 2.4 DroidX - Vanilla Generic Android - AOSP Like - Fission ROM Manager

    A ... the good ol' days.

    Team DeFuse Presents
    Vanilla Android 2.4
    Only use themes made for 2.4 if you want to keep lots of new features in Fission!!!

    About Us & ROM:
    The first generic Android platform for current and future Droid devices. We are a bunch of mad hackers, modders and developers that were not happy with the current model of Droids being "Blurred" so we began a mission to rid our devices from the blurriness of VZW Android systems. It started with a crazy idea of messing with the Droid2 SDK that has turned into a full fledge AOSP generic type of ROM. We have incorporated many features that were only seen in AOSP ROMs before this. Some of the features include Reboot in Power Menu, custom built Framework, vanilla Android GUI, totally blur free app folder and many more AOSP like features to come in the short term future.
    True Vanilla ROM with generic Android feel, not themed to look line one. No blur apps...
    Reboot in Power Menu.
    Custom Framework - 10% battery increments with display percent number & without.
    Overclock ready out of box.
    Lots of free memory.
    ROM has root and has been deodexed, and zip alligned.
    Busybox installed and symlinks have been applied.
    Clean base for you to customize how you like.
    And many more...
    Please see download links for new patches.
    Team DeFuse Members:
    AngDroid - Team Leader, Project Manager & Developer
    braway - Developer
    Drod2169 - Developer
    Requiem4D - Developer, IT dude & Kernel Specialist
    IRC & Forum Support
    WalCs - Support Manager - Developer Assistant

    Web Design & Maintenance
    IRC Server - Freenode.net
    Chanel #teamdefuse
    Check Fission ROM Manager. Many themes are up.
    2.2.1 -> 2.4
    All Devices are now equal. Perform and look the same.
    Framework improvements all around. Colors, placement of graphics...lots of little changes.
    Almost all apps for each device have been rebuilt from source. Either from AOSP source or Moto source.
    Each device now has device specific apps. Will help of future Blur add on. Many people been asking for many different Blur apps so there will be an add on Blur package. Blur package will be heavily modified Blur services and then each app will be an individual add on.
    MMS menu compose graphic now fixed.
    Phone mute fixed.
    Rebuilt Moto Apps (MediaGallery, Cam and Music) are now standard. They work better and will help with Blur add on. Generic Android Apps will be available on FRM.
    All devices now use Moto Multi-Touch keyboards. They are themed as Generic Android Keyboards.
    More cleaning of code and tweaks...
    Few other changes I can not think of right now
    Small bug with Global ROM. If you need to activate, slide out keyboard and hit the number key you need to use.
    No need to wipe data or cache if coming from previous Fission ROM; however the installer will wipe your system folder so back up any changes you have made to your system folder.
    DO NOT USE 2.3.1 Themes. They will work but you will lose lots of changes. Themers are working hard now to update themes.
    I must say these are the best Fission ROMs so far. Lots of love and hard work went into them.

    2.2.1 -> 2.3.1
    DX - Might be best to SBF to new 2.3.320 leak or .340 before installing Fission 2.3
    updated core to new 2.3.320/.340
    D2 Global - This is the first build, RC1 please prepair yourself for bugs. There still reqires a lot
    of pollish and work to be done
    video issues resolved from Fission 2.2.2
    Music, Cam and Gallery are now Moto packages
    Fixed phone mute bug
    Fixed MMS package graphic glitch
    More framework tweaks
    D2 Global is still in RC stage so expect some bugs.

    2.21 -> 2.2.2
    Reboot problem fixed
    Email app updated, email app in 2.1 caused problems for some users.
    Music app is now Moto default Music app
    Overclock functions now back in with JRummy Script or through update.zip files.

    2.1 -> 2.2.1
    Started with clean 2.3.20 D2 Base & DX 2.3.15
    Removed all Blur related files that are no longer needed, not just apps but files within framework, lib, etc and other places.
    Upgraded core system files to Android 2.2.1 Generic build. Did not use the leaked 2.2.1 VZW files yet. Done for a reason and you will find out later.
    Upgarded almost all Apps to Android 2.2.1 version and VZW apps to the latest versions.
    Removed Memo.apk and Notepad.apk
    Removed all overclock related files.

    Install Instructions:

    All install instructions can be found on Download Page.

    Bug Reporting:
    Please use Our Google Code Project Home to report bugs. You can find it HERE.
    Search before posting bug. The bug may have been reported and fixed.
    Q. Can I install ROM without performing wipe cache/data?
    A. You can but you may have bugs. If you do not follow install instructions then do not post a bug that you may have.

    Q. Can I install any theme that is not made for Fission 2.1?
    A. You can but you may have bugs. If you do not follow install instructions then do not post a bug that you may have.

    Q. I am having reboots, why?
    A. Make sure you have installed ROM by following every step of instructions. Back up memory card, format memory card and then copy over only your files back to memory card, do not copy over Android made folders/files. Do not overclock. Uninstall any overclock app you have installed.

    Q. I want the battery percentage numbers to be displayed?
    A. Reboot into recovery and apply the framework file in /sdcard/fission/add_on folder.

    Q. I am coming from previous Fission ROM or different ROM can I install over?
    A. Once again, you can but you may have bugs. If you do not follow install instructions then do not post a bug that you may have.

    Q. I installed Gmail but it is not syncing?
    A. Go to account settings and enable Gmail to sync.

    Q. I installed ROM but it is showing VZW build info in About screen?
    A. The build.prop, which contains that info has been left as default values. You can change what you want very easily by searching build.prop tweaks. Some things may break so be careful with what you are doing.

    Thanks to everyone who has donated. If you would like to contribute to our cause you may do so by clicking HERE, thank you very much.
    Droid2, Droid2 Global, DroidX & Fission ROM Manager - DOWNLOAD
    By clicking the download link and proceeding to download page, you agree to that you have read everything in this post.
    Click HERE if you agree.
    Follow me on Twitter
    If you would like to make a donation, you may do so by clicking HERE.
    Team DeFuse Website
    IRC - http://webchat.freenode.net/ #teamdefuse
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    Sweet... The roms have been awesome!! Thanks for all the hard work!! Love the x-mas theme!!! Will the xmas theme work with 2.4 in the near future?
    Last edited by droidrev71; 12-16-2010 at 03:37 PM.
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    Did I hear best Fission yet?! Donated for Fission Manager and it's time to replace ApeX!
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    Hands down the best DX ROM I've used. Fast, reliable, and perfect.

    This release is the best yet, and as they continue to perfect new builds it will only get better. Looking forward to the new builds which will allow certain blur integration. Moto did actually get several things right, lol.

    Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums App
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    Enter Current Phone Model Here
    how to download
  6. Junior Droid
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    The links above in the OP under downloads section.

    NexTheme FTW

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    I'm having a few issues...I didn't wipe so that might be mu issue but I don't usually have to. For some reason,

    - Pandora refuses to work. Just says that it's unable to retrieve music.
    - the music app keeps saying that the types of files on my SD card aren't supported. They used to work, and they haven't changed in a long time so I'm not really sure of the problem.
    - Swype force closes all if the time.

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    I have modified the DroidX Galaxy S theme for Fission 2.4 (ALL CREDIT for this theme goes to StuntinX - I just monkeyed with a couple of things)


    1) I dig the FireX bootanim - that was inserted.
    2) Wasn't a big fan of the GALAXY S backdrop on the notification windowshade. Changed it to a dark transparent background
    3) GALAXY S FISSION bothered me where it was notated. I changed this to DROID X FISSION

    Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Galaxy_S_Theme_1.1_noback-Firex-NoGalaxySID.zip

    ... I'm not a fan of the jigsaw puzzle unlocker and the black text on the black taskbar - so I might fix that too ...

    Thanks agian, StuntinX for a really good theme! I love the overall coloring - especially the blue highlights.
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    Droid X

    Over clocking on Fission

    How do you use the overclocking stuff
    from the Fission rom manager.
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    team bamf 1.25
    franco francisco milestone 3 kernel
    love this phone best android phone yet
    custom roms and some apps fixed audio issue nexus is perfect now
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    Would love to see this rom in some reviews I have been running gummyjar the last couple of days and love it but I do want to try fisson just havent heard enough
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