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Thread: Dying to use 928Droid's epic Black Glass theme, but I have some questions

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    You do not have to rename anything. Just leave it as 928Droid originally named it. The update.zip file that is already on there, I don't know what it is. I had the same question that I asked on here, but never received an answer.
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    I have a DX, Official OTA and no root.

    I had one DX previously and on my second due to the OTA not working properly. Was stuck on /\/\.

    I want to install 928 but want to make sure of things first.

    1. Do I have to wipe stock and cache before installing? Or is this what I do after running Bootstrap and restarting in clockwork backing up?

    2. Do I have to have a ROM on my phone or can I just install theme? I would like FlyX but I see most saying you have to install it over the 2.2 or 2.3.13 leaked version.

    3. Just install most recent 928DroidBlackGlassX-DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME file, move to sd, create backup with Bootstrap and install zip from mount?

    4. Do I uninstall ADW Launcher or leave alone?

    I know how to root w/rootmyx2 method and have all the tools to do anything else I need. Titanium BU, Root Explorer, Bootstrap and ROM Manager. Just want to make sure all is right first. And it appears people are getting tired of same questions so I'm sorry for the post. I have seen good instructions in this thread.

    If you have read this far, thank you
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    Thanks Didnt see this till now. I guess Im not getting my emails..

    Quote Originally Posted by stngfreek View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by B.Wallace85 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by j_acm View Post
    I'm a big time noob. I just learned how to root a phone. But I really want that black glass theme and would love to have a black status bar. I running 2.2 ota droid x. Should I even try this since I just learned how to root?
    I'm somewhat in the same boat. Rooting and the concept of it came quite easy but I'd like the Black Glass theme. I just don't see any clear cut, step by step instructions. I even THOROUGHLY read 928's thread on the theme for the DROID X. Guess I'll just wait until I find step by step instructions or someone who can apply the theme to my phone for me.
    1.Download and install Droid X Bootstrapper. Click bootstrap Recovery
    2.Download Rom Manager and Flash Clockwork Recovery Mod.
    3.Use Rom Manager to "Backup Current Rom"
    4.Download the 928DroidX theme (Deodexxer version if you haven't done anything else to your phone)
    5.Use Rom manager to "Install Rom from SD Card" - choose 928.
    6. Wait for first boot. and you are now themed and deodexed and you will have a backup to go back to rooted stock.
    7. I would suggest making another ROM backup after you are themed and Deodexed as well, for that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    That's about as basic install instructions as you are gonna see on this thread. If you still need more info on getting that far, just keep searching and reading forums. I spent two weeks just making sure I knew what and how to do Rooting. So I can surely Empathize.

    As far as safety and OTA issues.... No one can say for sure really if Verizon pushes another Froyo update that Rooted users will be able to just jump right on without going back to stock. Or any other steps.

    But that is the Risk vs Reward that we take with Rooting our devices.

    I have faith in the community that someone will release that sbf as soon as they can. Until then, I am really not worried about what Verizon will do since this theme and the FlyX Rom have made my phone so much better than what Verizon gave us to start with.

    Always do what you are comfortable with doing, but only after you have done that proper level of research and understand where you are and where you are headed.

    OK sorry for the Soap Box!
    Happy Trails.
    Thanks for this. I am still doing research. I tried to manually deodex my phone and got it stuck on the M logo. I THEN had to learn how to use the new SBF. I guess messing up will force you to learn new things.

    Thanks to all the forums and users!!!
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