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Thread: X is acting up.. how can i unroot completely and OTA the GB update?

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    droid x

    X is acting up.. how can i unroot completely and OTA the GB update?

    I've been rooted for quite some time and have had nothing but issues. I have used multiple ROMS before and nothing seems to work correctly.

    I have tried z4 unroot, factory reset, wiped everything and many other options to return to stock but still cannot get the phone to accept the OTA update. i am not to familiar with SBF and was wondering if there is a way to get my X back to stock so that i may receive the OTA GB update in hopes that this lasts long enough to last till my upgrade in May 2012.
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    Sbf to froyo. Its very easy. Go to YouTube and look for droidmodd3rx and watch his "unbricking your Droid x" video. Its a walkthrough on how to sbf

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    Are you sure you want to Gingerbread it? Read all the posts on the issues others are having and make sure you will be comfortable with some of the issues before going down that road.

    I for one am not happy with it as it's make my phone a pain to use and enjoy. There are a few good tweaks they did but, overall, the phone is much worse than the day I bought it and will be going back to Froyo as soon as I back up all my data and stuff.
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    .602 update is great, especially for battery life.

    To sbf there are two ways to do this.

    1st - the sbf boot disc (not to familiar with this method so you will need to get a walk through from someone else)

    2nd - the rsdlite method.
    You need 3 things for this to work.
    1- rsdlite version 4.8 or higher (I use 4.9)
    2- the Motorola Droid x drivers for your computer (either 32 or 64 bit depending on your comps os. ***must be a windows based computer***)
    3- the sbf file, either for froyo or for. 596 gb.

    Using rsdlite is so very simple and easy, just watch a YouTube visor on how to run it and your set. Once your in froyo or .596 just go to settings>about phone> update. It should pull the .602 update and install it.

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    The Linux boot CD is amazing. I have used both methods and the CD is by far the easiest/least problematic.

    Links for both ways are in my signature.

    random rom'd X
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    I have zero issues with the RSDLite version. Super easy if you follow the steps correctly.

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