Hi guys, I am new to the forum. Used to have a Droid with Verizon. Yesterday I bought a Droid X fully flashed to Metro PCS. The kid showed me that the internet and picture messaging worked. We went to the market and downloaded an app to make sure that worked. He got it flashed, and then later someone else fully flashed it. We tested out a few websites just to make sure, and we weren't on wi-fi.

After a million struggles with the Metro PCS team of the Customer Service phone line, we finally got it activated.
Thing is, that it seems the 'fully' flashed disappeared. No internet, market place access, mms, etc.

Anyone know if reactivating a phone makes all these settings disappear and will I have to re-flash it? It still works with Metro, just none of the good stuff works.
If anyone can explain how to fix this or help me out in any way it'd be awesome.