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Thread: 3g Mobile Hotspot

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    3g Mobile Hotspot

    Hello, so I have a droid X. I just recently rooted it.
    Prior to rooting, whenever I went use the 3g mobile hotspot I am pretty sure it would prompt me and tell me that I had to pay or activate some feature or something. Now it doesnt do that anymore, and when I launch it it just starts up no problem, and seems like I can use it freely.

    Is this the case, or am I getting charged without Verizon telling me?

    Do I really need Wireless Tether for root users, or can I just use the stock app. for free now?
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    I have to be honest...after I rooted, I never tried the 3g hotspot app. I have been using the wireless tether since and never looked back.

    I supposed it shouldn't matter. I question though that prior to rooting somehow the phone knew I was using it without paying, meaning there was some kind of block to all websites. I just assumed that no matter rooted or not, it would remember.

    I guess I would just wonder if there is some kind of informational tie to vzw for them to know you;re using the 3g hotspot without paying for it.

    I like wireless tether...

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    Well, take this for what its worth...

    I am rooted also, and I just fired up the Hotpot app, and immediately the Verizon webpage tried to load...so I have to assume that rooting does not negate the built-in app from pinging back to Verizon to let them know you are using their service. So, having said that, I will continue to use Wireless Tether and or PDAnet..and I would recommend the same to anyone else...


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