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Thread: after all my problems today..heres my ROM

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    after all my problems today..heres my ROM

    feel free to use/abuse it...make it better etc...also have a custom boot animation but ill have to upload it later.. i need a themer!

    LINK: sorry removed for tweaking, ill get it back up in a bit

    in case anyone is just lazy and hasnt done it yet , or your a newb and don't really know what to do or wanna learn (slacker), here is the bloat free version of 2.2 de-odexed (you need to be running 2.2 to use it) . i been working on/with it for a few hours now, and it seems pretty stable. if nothing else, you'll have a good back up (we know you forgot to make one). good starting point to, for trying new things.

    i know you advanced guys are prolly way ahead of this, but i struggled to get to this point so if i can help someone out, well ..why not also, if anyone wants to tweak it some more, we'll make it a project. the lock screen needs some help, its alot faster but still a lil janky (not so bad after the first one though)

    quadrant score on my X (non overclock) was 1477 with false stagefright; 2017 with true stagefright

    all the apps are renamed to .bak extensions, not removed. and not ALL were renamed (like messaging.apk for instance) so there is still some room for improvement

    **build.prop file is totally modded

    **based off the deodexed rom from the other thread..just tweaked somemore

    **i dont know if EVERYTHING goes with the rom, but im using ADW too

    goals for this rom were

    1. to have a GOOD stable backup and starting point (in case i mess something up)
    2. over 200mb ram left after start up (checked with android system info
    3. wicked fast shutdown (dont even get to see the "shutting down" box anymore )
    4. under 30 second boot...i got 29 on mine with no overclocking..we'll see if it stays
    5. loading autostarts in under 15 seconds (the 45 second load time was REALLY annoying me)
    6. most apps that aren't needed to start at boot, dont. (except bluetooth for some reason. couldnt find it in autostart)

    ***i recommend doing a complete recovery, not advanced, as not just the /system directory is tweaked in this rom***

    newb instructions (assuming you are already running at minimum 2.2)
    put the zipfile into the folder /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup
    select extract file here

    ***make sure that the directory to the files is /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/xclr82xtc-bloatfree/file1,file2,file3 etc..***

    the md5 errors with these backups is caused by the files not being unzipped to the right place (ie, it puts in one extra folder; i had to manually move them on my X to get the recovery to find them)

    load as a backup from CW recovery

    list of renamed stuff (ie, not gonna show up and eat your ram or battery)

    vz navigator
    3g hotspot (mynet)
    status widget
    magic smoke wallpapers
    universal inbox
    live wallpapers picker
    live wallpapers
    social messgaing
    social share
    weather widget
    news widget

    after a fresh boot, i alos looked to see if anything was running that i couldnt disable from this list, and edited them in the /data directory

    pretty much everything else that isnt essential and was obvious, has been cut off with autostarts. most of whats left, you need it, it just doesnt need to boot with the phone
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails after all my problems today..heres my ROM-xclr82xtc-bloatfree-benchmark.jpg  
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    2.2 Deodexed, Black Glass By 928 Droid
    Rom Tweaks by yours truly, autostarts optimized,
    quadrant: 1513
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    Will this work on the Droid 1? If yes, would love to give it a try!
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    ..ummm i really dont know...you might wanna ask someone else.

    it works on the dx...and i know some roms will cross, but beyond that, i dont know

    judging by the build.prop file, i would say this if from a droid2...

    once again, im not sure
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    2.2 Deodexed, Black Glass By 928 Droid
    Rom Tweaks by yours truly, autostarts optimized,
    quadrant: 1513


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