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Thread: Droid X or Samsung Fascinate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mule65 View Post
    Wow, Bing on Fascinate is a deal breaker at Engadget. What a shame!

    Samsung Fascinate review

    First -- we had a fairly extreme shock when we booted up this device for the first time. After some experiences with the "new" Android (that is, devices which have a much heavier carrier influence than Android's first wave), we've come to expect just about anything. However, what we found with the Fascinate still seems notable. The phone does not use Google as its default search. And it doesn't utilize Yahoo! either. No, the Fascinate search engine defaults to Bing. Bing is used for the homescreen widget. It is defaulted to in the browser. It is present across the device... and there's no way to choose a different search engine. Like, you know -- Google. When we pressed Verizon reps about this, they let us know in no uncertain terms that the stock engine is Bing without a second choice.

    This was maddening to us. We don't have a personal issue with Bing, but it's not our engine of choice, and we'd be willing to bet that it's not yours either. Now, imagine buying an Android phone -- a Google phone -- only to discover that not only was Google not defaulted to as a search engine, it's not even an option! For us, this is actually a deal breaker. It's fine to throw a new choice a user's way, but to force them into using nothing but that choice seems pretty low. Even on the original iPhone you were given a choice between Google and Yahoo!. Here, you've got Bing unless you want to get hacking -- and most people actually don't want to get hacking. They just want to use their phones. Again, it's not that Bing is a bad search engine, but Google is the standard. If it's not even offered, what does that say?
    yep. i read that i was blown away. that and the usual samsung reputation for screwing up software-wise. the review also mentions that this phone can feel sluggish just doing normal things with freezes and hiccups galore.

    to me this is just proof that samsung is still up to their same old mediocre implementation of stuff and i would stay away.
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    If you watch the unboxing of the fascinate and you get to the part where the guy does a benchmark test, you will clearly see that the fascinate does not even break 1000. Well below the x, and the guy doing the review himself says that yes the sanding is a fast phone, but it doesn't compare to powerhouse X. Plain and simple. Its just not as powerful as the x. Also imo samsung makes cheap phones. Just my .02.
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