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Thread: My Battery!

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    My Battery!

    How exactly did you "condition" it. i know you dont have to with the new lithium batteries, but just to be safe...

    1) i got a new battery (brand new, was about 30%)
    2) let it die completly last night
    3) kept it off and charged it to 100, then turned it on and charged it another hour
    4) letting it die again
    5) gonna repeat step 3

    then after that i figured it should be alright to charge regularly without letting it die.

    does this sound alright or am i harming the battery?
  3. Droid Ninja
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    Bought phone. Came home and plugged it in. Charged it from 30% to full in couple hours. Lasts me whole day with frequent usage but i turned screen brightness to 3% and turned off all widgets like bt, gps, wifi.
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    This is a common misconception about new Lithium-Ion batteries. Back in the day when rechargeable batteries were made out of Nickle Cadmium (NiCad) you had to condition them so they would not hold a memory at their latest discharged state. So say you went from 100% battery life, ran it down to 30% and put it on the charger. These batteries suffered from a memory retention to where when you put it on the charger it would register that 30% as 0%. Calibrating itself and retaining that in memory. so the next time you discharge it from 100%, once it hits 30% it will actually be 0%. One of the great benefits of the Lithium based batteries, is that they are very very forgiving in the memory of discharges. No need to run down all the way to 0%. However, all the old guys will probably deny this and still suggest a full discharge as my father and grandfather all do!
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