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Thread: Update??? Battery Life

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    Update??? Battery Life

    This is my first smartphone ever. Everyone is claiming that there is/was an update today/yesterday, and I'm just wondering how you get to it? I havn't received any type of message asking "do you want to install this update?" type deal, so I'm just wondering how you get to it.

    EDIT: Just found update

    Also, in regards to battery life, it appears it's either black or white. Some days it runs phenomenally and drains at best maybe 10-15% in standby on your typical 8-10 hour work day, but then some days (like today...) I ran it lightly and for some reason just basic texting and reading an email or 2 has brought my phone to 20% by mid-day, forcing me to plug it in and recharge it. I have mixed feelings on the battery life and these task killers, damned if you use it damned if you don't. I don't know what works and what doesn't.

    Smart mode, Lowest possible brightness all the time, gps wifi and everything all turned off, I don't watch videos or anything on it, email is set to push and manual fetch... Honestly it seems like the battery is gonna be sucked down no matter how you use it it seems as though the display drains the majority of it.
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    sometimes turning your phone on and off will give ou a higher percent read out, try that if your battery is getting really drained you may be pleasently surprised.

    as far as smartphones go, i have found this is a GREAT battery...to me atleast, i love it. dont have so many widgets and live wallpapers and stuff and you should be gold.

    task killers. people obviously have strong oppinions on this one but personally, i use it when i feel like it. not exessively, but if i just opened an ap for some reason that i want closed. or i just feel like everything being fresh. do what you want with them and dont worry too much about it. i favor taskkillers even thought they supposedly dont help. i dont like too much crap goin on so if im not gunna be on my phone for 10 mins + ill usually kkill what i got if i wont need it soon


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