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Thread: Special Post on How to Make Progress with the Alleged Low Volume Speaker Problem

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    Special Post on How to Make Progress with the Alleged Low Volume Speaker Problem

    If you are happy with the speaker and volume levels on your Droid X, then that is great (!), but this forum thread is not for you. Apparently, the Verizon first line tech support people have no information regarding the alleged low volume speaker problem documented at the two links below, for instance:
    1) http://forums.verizon.com/t5/DROID-X-by-Motorola/Volume-issue-on-new-Droid-X/td-p/227520

    2) http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-x-general-discussions/59913-droid-x-speaker-volume.html

    Verizon tech support needs to hear from people whose phones seem to suffer from this low volume/speaker problem. These people need to describe the problem to Verizon tech support people and follow the tech support attempts to identify and/or solve the problem over the phone. If Verizon tech support gets enough calls without a solution to the problem, higher level tech support people at Verizon will find out (or hear more) about the low volume speaker problem and hopefully work toward doing something about it. (I think a simple system update that codes the phone to send more power to the speakers when the volume is turned way up would do the trick.)

    Here is what you need to do:

    First step, call Verizon tech support (preferably not by using your Droid X, but rather by using a different phone on a different line/connection if possible).
    - do this by dialing 1-800-922-0204, then entering your Droid X phone number, and then pressing "3" for tech support.

    Second step, tell the Verizon tech support about your low volume/speaker problem. (People say they cannot hear their Droid X ringing, they cannot hear verbal Navigation directions, they cannot clearly or easily hear/understand verbal prompts while using the "Voice Command" app, etc.)

    Third step, try following the suggestions of the first line Verizon tech support people while on the phone with them (take out the battery and then put it right back in the phone, etc).

    Fourth step, if the suggestions of the Verizon first line tech support people do not solve your low volume speaker problem, then tell them so. Tell them you still experience the low volume speaker problem: tell them clearly and repeatedly, but politely and civilly.

    By the way, the Verizon first line tech support people can quickly, patiently, and professionally solve virtually all of (or at least a lot of) the problems posted on this forum. They are very friendly, have all sorts of resources, and the wait time is rarely more than a few minutes.

    As things stand, many, many, many people have reported low volume/speaker problems with their new Droid X on various forums and blogs (such as those found as the two links provided above), though almost no one has reported their low volume/speaker problem to Verizon tech support and gone through the simple hoops on the phone (described in the four steps above) required to get higher level tech support investigating the matter.

    So... if you are experiencing a low volume speaker problem with your new Droid X, please follow the four steps above. If enough people do this, the issue will eventually reach higher levels of tech support and Verizon will provide a real solution if it is needed.

    I really love my new Droid X - I just cannot easily or clearly hear most things that come out of the speaker (both the earpiece speaker but especially bad is the speakerphone speaker) in the same way that I can with almost every other mobile phone I have ever used (most if not all inferior to the Droid X in other respects).
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