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Thread: From ATT/iPhone to Verizon/Droid X

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    iPhone 3gs

    From ATT/iPhone to Verizon/Droid X

    I am just curious to hear opinions of people who have switched from iPhone on ATT to Droid X on Verizon. I'm mainly wondering about the service, call quality and any pros/cons to switching. Thanks!
  2. RS/Moderator
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    Love having service wherever you go? Then verizons for you!

    had att (although it was 2+ yrs ago) and i could never get full bars anywhere.

    dont really have that problem with VZW
  3. Droid
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    Jul 2010
    droid x
    i have an iphone 3g and had been plagued with issues here in nyc with dropped calls, poor data, lack of signal, and very delayed text and voice messages. then about a month ago at&t completed all these service and tower upgrades, and service has been absolutely amazing in all aspects....but my phone, now two years old, has been showing serious signs of brain hemorrhage. my battery lasts about three hours, its exceptionally laggy (especially after the ios4 update), and i'm pretty much over it.

    ordered a droid x last friday and somehow magically was one of the unlucky ones that won't get theirs until (hopefully) this week sometime.

    friends of mine that have verizon with another android phone (one of my best friends has an eris, three of them have nexus ones, and one has an incredible) rave nonstop about how great their service has been and how consistently everything works.

    so...i'm optimistic, despite a lot of complaints about the droid x having some issues out of the box.
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    droid X
    Left ATT eons ago, hell, had over 4k "rollover" minutes when I left, bad service.

    no single issues with VZ
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    Let's see. I had a Droid (original). Left VZW due to spectacularly bad customer service. Went to AT&T (I can only claim rash judgment and ignorance) and got the iPhone. That lasted...five months. Five long, long months. Left AT&T to go back to VZW - and now I have X.

    Call quality, in my area, was a bit better on AT&T - when I could get a signal - over the original Droid. However, my X beats them both, and I can get a signal at work (a giant metal and glass building). The phone is much more to my liking (although I will like it more when I am rid of blur).
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    I had a 3GS for 20 day sin June. I only had EDGE (no 3G), and even that was unreliable. I couldn't listen to Pandora about 1/2 the time. EDGE was horribly slow too.

    Now I'm on Verizon with 3G. Worth ever penny.


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