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Thread: Negotiate! - Save $ ...my experience with buying a Droid X

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    Negotiate! - Save $ ...my experience with buying a Droid X

    I posted this over at DroidxForum and figured it might be of use here as well.

    So I been with AT&T since 1997 so I used this fact to my advantage when I finally stepped foot into a Verizon store. My contract is pretty much up with AT&T, I'm able to renew it and get a new phone at a huge discount but I have no interest in what's offered. Never been a fan of apple, sorry.

    After some extensive homework and looking up everything there is to know about the Droid X I'm left with only one conclusion. I need this phone!

    Before I entered the store though I tried using the Live Chat service on Verizon's website. Waste of time. They were not willing to negotiate as courtesy and friendly I was on the other end. I tried calling, after tons of being put on hold I was finally hung up on. Well damn. This encouraged me to go into a store and work the fine arts of negotiating.

    What I wanted:

    I wanted to take the 450 mins/nights/weekends/data plan ....and make it into a family plan to split between my partner since we both are not big talkers. Txting and surfing like geeks is what we do.

    Cost: 59.99

    I didn't want to pay 59.99 for EACH phone PLUS 29.99 data plan for EACH phone bringing it to about 90+ EACH for a monthly bill.

    So they did some talking with the higher ups and after some bargaining this is what we worked up.

    700 minutes/nights/weekends family plan at 99.99/month
    data plan x2 at 19.99/month

    Total monthly bill: 132 (tax included in that) = $66 each (YAY college life)

    Then they tried to tack on insurance at 7.99/month EACH which works out to a extra 384 / 2yrs. I say 2yrs because looking into insurance through Squaretrade is cheaper. For both phones it works to 288 for the 2years plus I have a 50% coupon from the warranty of the new Xbox 360.

    Total coverage insurance: 144 (2yrs for 2 phones)


    The phones themselves.

    200.00 instant mail-in rebate (i hate that crap)
    60.00 discount (told her online they offered me a promo of 29.99 off, she went with it)
    100.00 tax

    439 = total for 2 phones
    66 = monthly charge each

    Work the system, it never hurts!
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    I didn't think it was possible for VZW to have a 19.99 smartphone data plan. Don't be surprised if this turns out to be 29.99 each month. I don't think its something they are capable of changing unless you get a discount through your workplace.
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    Sorry but I simply don't believe they changed the plan for you for just two lines of service. I'd LOVE to see a screenshot of your plan (it will always print out a receipt with the exact charges). also, your math doesn't add up. How does a $100 plan + $40 in data = $132/month with taxes?

    I hope you can make me eat my words.


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