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Thread: Question about Upgrade Eligibility

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    Question about Upgrade Eligibility and the "Buddy Upgrade"

    Hey, I had a question about the semi-fine print in the special upgrade offer for verizon. Though I read that the current offer may not be the one specifically for the Droid X, let's just assume it is for the sake of argument.

    My contract expires late august, which means I would be eligible for an early upgrade due to the offer. However, it is technically my mom's upgrade on our family plan. (she's the account holder, if that matters) Normally I would just think to do the magic switch-the-lines thing once i get it. But in the small print of the upgrade offer on the bottom left, it says "Promotion cannot be used for a 'Buddy Upgrade'. The eligible line must upgrade and keep the smartphone". Is that situation i described considered a buddy upgrade, or is a buddy upgrade buying it for someone on a different plan? Basically, if the switch is within the plan, is it ok? Besides, is it even possible for them to stop us from switching once we get home?

    Just a few questions to rock your brain.

    Here's the link to the upgrade offer - BTW, lemme know if theres any other suspicious fine print things that I may not have considered, thanks
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    honestly.. i dont think VZW would be able to track a "sold" phone... *hint *hint
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    If they flag the ESN as only working with a certain number they can...
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    It is what it is, that's what the fine print says, we do not know how much they are going to enforce it.

    If your contact is up in August, your line is eligible now so why jump through hoops? I guess I don't see where you are coming from.

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    Ok, the deal is, you have to "Activate" the phone on the line that is being upgraded...
    I asked what that meant as I don't want to mess with the users' phone that will be used for the upgrade..
    I was told their service would only be temporarily interupted while the activation of the X happened on their line. then it would be put back and the X would be moved to wherever you wanted it.. (My Line of course).


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